Web hosting for real people.

About was established in 1999 at the beginning of the "dot-com" boom and subsequent bust.

It was not, however, started as a get-rich-quick scheme. Its purpose was to provide high-quality real estate web sites at a reasonable price. That remains its purpose today.

All of the web sites on are managed by the Listing Agent™ Online Listing Management System.

Its development began in 1998 and, as it has evolved over the years since, it has proven to be reliable, responsive and adaptable. It was designed specifically and is used exclusively to manage real estate web sites.

Today, is being geared for the future.

It now resides on a new server which provides improved performance, reliability and availability. Recent upgrades to the software include support for current web standards, interactive maps, search engine optimization and search engine feeds with more new features in the works.

Here, the belief is held that bigger is not necessarily better.

And that hard work, ingenuity and persistence can still lead to success.

Join us today and take control of your real estate web site.

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